The United Kingdom Seiki-Juku Karate Organisation

The Guildford and Hindhead Seiki-Juku Karate Club’s are part of the United Seiki-Juku Karate Organisation (UKSKO). The  UKSKO was formed in the early eighties and now has more than 20 Clubs dotted around the south of England. The association and  associated Clubs are affiliated to Karate England the official governing body in this Country for karate recognised by Sport  England. We are also affiliated to the Dai Nippon Butoku-kwai in Japan.

The main Club or Honbu (headquarters), ‘the Busen’ is located in Twickenham and is run by Sensei Frank Perry 7th Dan, Chief  Instuctor who is assisted by Sensei Carol David 5th Dan and Assistant Chief Instructor. The Busen is one of the largest  full time martial arts and fitness centres in the country.