Grade Belt Technical   Requirements Other   Requirements
10th Kyu Red
Fudo Dachi (informal Stance)Strikes:
Jodan Tsuki (Upper Punch)
Chudan Tsuki (Middle Punch)
Gedan Tsuki (Lower Punch)Blocks:
Gedan Barai (Lower Block)
Jodan Uke (Upper Block)

Hiza Geri (Knee Kick)
Kin Geri (Groin Kick)

Dojo etiquette and procedure, how to wear and fold a Karate Gi (suit)Self defence techniques against:
Hair Grab, Throat Grab
9th Kyu     Blue Stances:
Zenkutsu Dachi (Forward Leaning Stance)Strikes:
Jodan Gyaku Tsuki
(Upper Reverse Punch)
Chudan Gyaku Tsuki
(Middle Reverse Punch)
Gedan Gyaky Tsuki
(Lower Reverse Punch)Blocks:
Chudan Uchi Uke (Middle Inside Block)
Chuda Soto Uke (Middle Outside Block)
Understanding   of warm up exercises and stretching routinesUnderstanding of the Japanese Calligraphy on our Karate Gi (suit)Self defence techniques against:
Pushing against chest and throat,
Grab of collar or shoulder
8th Kyu     Purple / White Stripe Stances:
Sanchi Dachi (Diamond Stance)Strikes:
Uraken Shomen Uchi (Backfist to Head) Uraken Yoko Uchi (Backfist to Side)
Uraken Hizo Uchi (Backfist to Spleen)Blocks:
Kaiten Uke (Round Block)

Mae Geri (Front Kick)
Hiza Kansetsu Geri (Knee Joint Kick)

(Body control movement 1)
(Body control movement 2)

History   of Karate DoSelf defence techniques against:
Pull from front,
Head lock front and rear holds
7th Kyu     Purple Stances:
Kokotsu Dachi (Back Leaning Stance)Strikes:
Morote Tsuki (Double Punch)
Ago Tsuki (Jaw Punch)Blocks:
Shuto Mawashi Uke
(Knifehand Roundhouse Block)

Yoko Geri Sokuto (Side Kick Knife Foot)

(Body control movement 3)

Yohon   Kumite (Four One Steps)
6th Kyu     Yellow Stances:
Shiko Dachi (Sumo Stance)Strikes:
Shita Tsuki (Inverted Punch)Blocks:
Shotei Gedan Uke (Palm Heel Lower Block)
Shotei Jodan Uke (Palm Heel Upper Block)

Mawashi Geri Chudan Haisoku
(Roundhouse Middle Kick with Instep)
Mae Kaketo Geri (Front Heel Kick)

Pinan Ichi (Pinan 1)

Go-Yon-Kumite   (5 Step Fighting)Body Tests:
20 push-ups
30 sit-ups
5th Kyu     Orange Stances:
Kiba Dachi (Straddle Stance)Strikes:
Shuto Yoko Ganmen Uchi
(Knifehand to Side of Head)
Shuto Sokotsu Uchi
(Knifehand to Collar Bone)Blocks:
Shuto Gedan Barai
(Knikehand Lower Block)
Shuto Jodan Uke
(Knifehand Upper Block)

Ushiro Geri (Back Kick)

Pinan Ni (Pinan 2)

To fight in a contest situation and show an understanding of the contest   rules of the world Union of Karate OrganisationBody Tests:
30 push-ups
50 sit-ups
4th Kyu     Green / White Stripe Stances:
Maroachi Dachi (One Foot Forward Stance)
Kake Geri (Hook Stance)Strikes:
Hiji Ate Jodan (Elbow Strike, Upper)
Hiji Ate Chudan (Elbow Strike, Middle)
Hiji Ate Age (Elbow Strike, Rising)Blocks: Uchi Uke/Gedan Barai
(Double Block)

Kake Geri (Hook Kick)

Kata: Pinan San (Pinan 3)

To fight 4 fights in a pool of 5 and win one fight in order to gain full   promotionBody Tests:
Jump over a pole 10 times whilst holding it in both hands
3rd Kyu     Green Strikes:
Tettsui Jodan Uchi (Hammerfist to Head)
Haito Uchi Jodan
(Inner Knifehand Strike Upper)
Haito Uchi Chudan
(Inner Knifehand Strike Middle)
Haito Uchi Gedan
(Inner Knifehand Strike Lower)Blocks:
Haito Uchi Uke (Inner Knifehand Block)
Jodan Shuto Uchi Uke
(upper Knifehand Inside Block)Kicks:
Tobi Mae Geri (Jumping Front Kick)
Mawashi Geri Gedan
(Low Roundhouse Kick)

Pinan Yon (Pinan 4)

To fight 4 fights in a pool of 5 and win one fight in order to gain full   promotionBody Tests:
50 push-ups
100 sit-ups
2nd Kyu     Brown/White Stripe Strikes:
Ippon Ken Uchi Jodan
(One Knuckle Strike Upper)
Ippon Ken Uchi Chdan
(One Knuckle Strike Middle)
Koken Uchi Jodan (Wrist Strike Upper)
Koken Uchi Chudan (Wrist Strike Middle)Blocks:
Koken Uke Jodan (Wrist Block Upper)
Koken Uke Chudan (Wrist Block Middle)Kicks:
Ushiro Mawashi Geri
(Rear Roundhouse Kick)
Tobi Mawashi Geri
(Jumping Roundhouse Kick)

Pinan Go (Pinan 5)

Complete   the first five One Steps of the Seiki-Juku Karate DoKumite:
Kenka Kumite (Semi-Contact Fighting)Body Tests:
For those over 18 years of age candidates may be required to break with Shuto   or Seiken of no less than 5 concrete roofing tiles
1st Kyu     Brown Strikes:
Keiko Uchi (Chicken Geak Strike)
Nukite Nihon (Two Finger Thrust)Blocks:
Suni Uke (Shin Blocks)Kicks:
Tobi nidan Geri (Jumping Double Kick)
Tobi Yoko Geri (Jumping Side Kick)
Tobi Ushiro Geri (Jumping Back Kick)

Tsuki No Kata (Fortune and Luck)
Geki Sai Dai (Fortress Attack)

Complete   the second 5 of the Seiki-Juku One StepsKumite:
The candidate will fight 4 fights in a pool of 5 in Kenka Kumite and win 2   fightsBody Tests:
The cadidate may be required to break a 1 inch wooden board with a technique   selected from Chudan Tsuki, Mae Keage, Mawashi Geri, Shuto Sekotsu Uchi
1st Dan
    Black Kata:
Sanchin (Three Phase Attack)
Yantsu (Kata of Purity)
Saifa (Rolling Wave)Weapons:
Bo Katas Ichi, Ni and San
Complete   the 15 Seiki-Juku One StepsKumite:
All candidates will be required to fight a minimum of 15 fights with senior   gradesBody Tests:
Brick and Stone Breaking
2nd Dan
    Black Kata:
Sei Yunchin
Tensho (Rolling Hand)Weapons:
Sai Katas Ichi and Ni
All candidates will be required to fight 20 fights with their equals and   senior wherever possibleBody Tests:
Demonstration of unsupported breaks on wood, concrete and tiles
3rd Dan
    Black Kata:
Kanku DaiWeapons:
Nanchuku Kata
Each   candidate may be asked to complete 100 fightsNote: Candidates at this level will be assessed on their ability to teach   and how many Dan grades they have themselves produced from their own teaching